Fast Food

Everytime we go to Kampala, we stop in the rain forest for chicken or beef on a stick. The car gets mobbed with people trying to sell what they have – meat, bananas, avocados, drinks – all competing for you to buy theirs! We usually roll the back windows up so that they aren’t pushing things in our faces, I’m always afraid Raelee will take something they are pushing and then we will be buying it whether we wanted it or not! It’s a lot faster and cheaper to get food this way – in a restaurant it could take 30-40 minutes minimum to get your food!

Last time we were there, I didn’t wake Raelee up in time, and she opened her eyes to people laying over every inch of the car. Was a little disconcerting to say the least, until she realized where we were! She loves chicken on a stick!

Hard To Say Goodbye

Please forgive me for not posting for a few days! We have had a lot going on but not much to talk about. We have gone through a rough situation, and come out the other side, thanking God for His protection, His comfort and His guidance. We’ve learned how important it is to depend solely on Him every minute, through every circumstance and He has not let us down.

We are so thankful that even when we don’t know what we need, or think we know, God does know and He gives us His best. Our three guests we’ve had staying with us for a week had to leave yesterday. It was bittersweet, they have been such a comfort and a joy in a tough time. They were sent by our legal counsel to watch over us while some things were being settled, but God sent them to guide us through an unseen battle. I can’t say enough, how very thankful I am to know how much our Father loves us and watches over us, and how very thankful that these men were sent at exactly the right moment to see us through. It is very true what the Bible says about fellowship with other believers…


We had to say goodbye to the children at the orphanage next to us, and I ask you to join us in prayer for them, everyday, that as God’s children, He will watch over them, protect them, and continue to pursue their hearts. Pray with us in waiting for God’s plan to unfold, and show us our next steps.


The New Well

We are getting ready to build a fence around our property, so that will mean closing in one of the water wells the villagers use. We will be drilling another one not far from that one, where the Chairman wants it to go. The man that does this came today to survey the area and see the best place, where there is the most water and where it is the deepest. He had a little machine that looked alot like a car battery, and wires that went out from it from two sides. One man would walk a distance and the man would yell “Stop” and then right down readings from the machine. Then he would yell “Ready” and both men with the wires and the main man would walk further down the road. He would yell “Stop” and take more readings. A crowd started to build, and whenever the man yelled ready and they started walking, the kids would yell “Stop”! It was quite funny!


As we head into a new week, new hopes and expectations, I thought I would take a minute to ask for prayers.

God has been so good to us thus far, every prayer, every encouragement we have asked for, He has given. This week has been an extremely intense week, but God has been so good to be right there every step of the way, guiding us and sending to us the right people at just the right moments. We know there are those of you back home praying, and I thank you – we can tell!

We believe satan has had rule of this place (Africa in general, this village specifically) and he’s not real happy now that God is kicking him out of a good thing. He’s been sitting back in his la-z-boy and causing a blindness to God in this place. So, we are in the middle of a pretty intense battle but we know Who the victor will be and we know He is Who we serve so we hold fast in the knowledge that although things may be tough, intense and frustrating, God is leading us through and to the other side – Victorious.

Pray that our solar is fixed for good! I lost everything in my fridge this week, again! We haven’t been able to use our fans for a few days and it’s been hot. I know these are minor things compared to what other’s face here, but it is frustrating!

Pray for all the children here, in the orphanage and in the village. It is a rough life they have, what we take for granted at home…education, three meals a day, parents/family…some of them will never have. Pray that they come to know they have a Heavenly Father and that even in their circumstances blessings will come with their faith in Him. Pray for us that as we try to survey this village and figure out ways to help that God will lead us. It is extremely difficult in this culture to just ask questions to try and understand the needs, because just in our talking about say, education, it is construed very quickly that because we even ask, we are going to start sending all their kids to school. It is hard to determine the needs without being thought to be making promises! So we are praying God shows us how to find out the things we need to know in a way that doesnt cause confusion and disappointment.

Pray for our health always. Raelee has been told over and over don’t share things to drink, or put her mouth on things she shouldn’t and yet, yesterday at a big party she and another boy are passing a toy trumpet back and forth blowing on it! So, we do what we can do and pray God looks down on her and wipes her clean everytime, with a smile on His face that she has accepted these children without any reservations. Let us all be that way!

And just pray for our discernment. It’s not easy to discern real needs and just wants because we are white and we’ve probably got much to give. It isn’t an easy thing needing to trust in people, but having very few we can. I believe time will change some of this, but that doesn’t make it easier some days!

Pray for our families back home. We miss them dearly, and know sometimes it’s hard for them to understand what on earth we are doing!

I pray for you, whoever you are that reads this. Thank you for being a part of our lives, and thank you for your prayers.

Cistern Project Day 4

DSC01091_resized DSC01089_resizedFriday they were able to concrete the post for the stand the tanks will sit on. We thought the project would be completed by Friday, but there were a few delays…voting, party planning meetings (more to come about that! Fascinating!) voting again, and a little rain. So, work on the gutters will start on Monday, Lord willing and no surprise meetings! It is raining this morning, so praying that doesn’t interfere with the concrete foundations drying. It is interfering with our plans to go to the Nile River and feed monkeys! 😦