Here, the people are taught to show respect by bowing before the person, on their knees.
On our first day at the village, this little beauty held her hand out to me to shake, and when I took her hand she dropped to her knees. It made me cry, and want to take her home with me. Today is the first time I’ve seen her since then, and I even got to hold her awhile!

The Children

We went to our third orphanage yesterday. I think this one affected me the most. We help with support, but most of their money comes from people in the States that help. These are mainly kids off the streets of the city, who were just on their own for various reasons. The man that started it is from Texas, very nice. He came years ago and wanted to help.

The conditions in our terms seem inadequate, but compared to what they had before this home, it is a sanctuary. Over 100 children are housed, fed and they get education. And where most orphanages must turn them loose at 18, this one “employs” them or helps them go to trade school or university. It is heartbreaking to think that their lives were worse before, but I am so thankful that they have a chance at a better life now.

We, in America, take so many things for granted. I looks around at all the lushness and wonder how anyone starves. But if you don’t have the money for seeds, you can’t plant. You may get seeds to plant and the rains or the drought can ruin the crops. So very different from what we know, we don’t realize how many opportunities we have.