Back To School

The past two weeks have been back to school around here. Banks are full of people paying school fees, town is packed with people buying supplies and taxi’s full of people and stuff hurrying to take kids back to school. Our children were given a great opportunity from the school that our organization helps to support. The offer was to board the three children we have been supporting into their school. We’ve been asked previously but I had been hesitant to take the older girls away and leave the young ones to fend for themselves. This year there is one more starting school, our friend at the school didn’t know there were actually seven children but only five that live here, the look on his face was a little shock because he was counting on supporting three! We told him that there were four ready for school, and a little one around 4. We worked it out so that the three are paid for by them and we will support the two little ones. Cost wise it will work out about the same or less than what we spend in a year for schooling, clothing and food. But the opportunity for these kids to have supervision, love, and a great education is awesome. We are so thankful to OVU for the offer and thankful that the father let them go. The kids were beyond excited!

Because the kids have not had education on the level of the new school they could not pass the interview examinations for their grades. So each one will be put back a couple of grades. The main problem is they don’t know English and the school teaches, speaks and reads in English. All government schools are supposed to teach the kids English but don’t. They don’t even really know how to read in their own language. We were so worried about how they would feel about being put back – Phiona is fourteen and will be put back to a grade that will have more ten year olds. But, because of the problem of parents abilities to pay school fees and kids starting later and missing a lot of school it is very common to find twenty year olds still in secondary school. We went and talked to our friend who counseled them and said they are okay with it, they are so happy to be there.

The youngest one is a handful! He has never been in school, he hasn’t had a mother that he remembers. The older kids are very well behaved and the father told us that is due to their mother’s upbringing. But the little one – he’s a mess! When we went back a couple days after taking them, Raelee went to play on the playground when all the little ones were at recess. We didn’t pay attention that all the kids had gone back to their classes, except for little man. He was still out on the playground with Raelee! I had to shoo him back to class.

Of course, I cried. I have been Mama to them for over two years, especially the younger girl. I’ve held her when she was sick and crying. Fed them, tried to watch out for them. I am going to miss them so much, but I am so thankful especially for the girls that they will be in a safe, loving christian environment. And, we can go visit them as much as we want to. We pray every day that with this opportunity they will have a chance at a better life!