18 years ago I worked for an advertising company. I was on drugs, divorced, living in a very destructive relationship and my two sons were living across the United States from me with their father. I was in bad shape. A month after starting this job, I came to my end. I had destroyed my life, broke my children’s life apart and believed they, and the world would better off without me. I went AWOL for three days from the job,  contemplating how I was going to take my life. I was sitting in my car in a rest area two hours from my home, and in my brokenness I cried out “If there is a God above, please help me. I cannot do this anymore”. For whatever reason, I decided to go back home for today and tomorrow I would finish it. When I got home, there were so many messages on my answering machine, people I hadn’t seen in a while, my current work, my previous work – all trying to find me because of this man who didn’t even know me. I called into work and they said it didn’t matter what the reason was for my disappearance, please just come in tomorrow. The person I talked to seemed so sincere, and I went back. I cried the whole morning at my desk, I was so miserable. And my boss came around a few times during the day and would tell me if I needed to talk, come to his office, it didn’t matter what I said, nothing I could say would shock him or affect my job. At the end of the day, I did it. Walk the long hall to his office and stepped inside. He proceeded to tell me of his life, of his heartbreaks and jail time and broken life. And I believed him, could relate to him. He then told me how different his life became when he met Jesus and turned it all over to Him. I believed him. And he asked me if I wanted to give up the life I was living and turn it all over to Jesus too, because no matter what I had done or become, Jesus would accept me, forgive me and give me a new life also. And in his office, with both of us on our knees, I confessed all the things I had ever done and gave it all to Jesus. Never before had I felt so much love and peace in my soul as I did that day. Even though I have made big mistakes and turned in my own direction at times, my life has never been the same. A new creation I became that day, not a perfect one, but a new one with joy in my heart for the future.

One thought on “Testimony”

  1. Mom mom & pr Christian I so blessed with Mama’s tesmony , surely mom Jesus Christ loved you, & when I see now what are doing in Africa, the souls, old people, girls & children your are serving there is no doubt the lord made a search for, thanks for blessing Uganda, lganga, mayuge & for loving me & being part of your family


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