Proud Accomplishments!

Sunday was a fun day, I am so proud of the kids that have worked hard to earn their Bibles. They were so proud! They have been memorizing the books of the Bible for a couple of months, when they could recite the books they would receive their Bible. There are a few more that are so close to getting one, two are so shy they won’t get up and recited them, so worried they will mess up. I had them privately tell me, I want them all to get one so much – for many reasons I had to put some kind of condition on their getting them. The two have a little more work to do but I fully believe they will be ready next Sunday. Now my prayer is they actually read it on their own! (Above are Naomi, Fancy and Sylvester)

Needed Rain But….

We started our day off with an ant take-over in the rabbit house. Huge stinging ants. Not good. Not good at all. There were masses of them outside along the wall and coming in the window. Rabbits had to be moved as the ants were getting all over their cages. We think we have it under control at this time and are spraying all around the building to try and prevent that again!

The rains have been coming less and less. We’ve been told and have read that there is terrible drought in the North and little food. I think the situation has been made worse by all the refugees here. Our crops are growing slowly and we’ve been praying the rain would hold out a little longer. It thunder’s quite a bit but has only rained a couple times in the past month, and it’s usually a light rain. Until today. It had been a sunny day and suddenly there was a clap of thunder and hurricane winds. The wind blew through the house knocking over everything sitting above four feet. The rain blew through (our windows do not shut!). It lasted about thirty minutes of heavy downpour and wind. Our workers were huddled by our front door waiting it out when they saw the tin roof of our rabbit house flying through the air. We lost about twenty 4×8 pieces of tin, the rabbits on both sides of the building were soaked from the rain coming in the windows. The tin flew across the field behind us, I’m not sure all of it has been found. We lost a lot of the tops of papaya trees, quite a few banana trees are toppled and the roofs of our round buildings are ruined. And we are the blessed ones, we soon learned Kimuli’s house is gone,  Sweti (our part-time guard) lost his new house, Sophia’s house totally lost their roof.  And that’s just some of our workers that we know of so far. We will have to check on our kids to see if they lost their roof – it was precarious already. The village was hit hard, we are hearing that many have totally lost their homes. It is heartbreaking because the majority of those that have lost will have a hard time rebuilding, they have very little to start with. The village of Busowobi need your prayers.