Happy and Healthy

We have been on lockdown since June, the country is now starting to open back up slowly. But it hasn’t stopped babies coming! It did make it more difficult for some mothers to get to clinics or hospitals. There were three mothers that had their babies at home. They all told us that having the kits took a lot of the fear of having a safe birth. Our small clinic has also told us they are so grateful for our Mama kits because there are always mothers needing things they can’t supply. But they also told us they believe the education about pre- and post-natal care has been very very helpful for mothers.

This month there were nine mothers-to-be ready to get kits. While we were on lockdown we didn’t have them come here so we are very grateful Salima was able to give them out.

We are praying to have our first group of students start tailoring school in September. We almost have the training center ready but in the meantime our instructor and one of our “adopted” girls have been busy sewing for the mama kits. More to come soon with pictures of the work center!