We are Out of Here!

We know everyone has been affected by the pandemic but it has been especially hard for us as missionaries. Every year our organization funds us to have a break. It is needed every year. Last year I had surgery and really didn’t get a break. But this year we missed our family vacation in September because we were on total lockdown – five months not able to leave our house. I went through a rough three month depression because for a year and a half we had been planning and saving and haven’t seen our kids and grandkids for over two years.

Our airport finally reopened at the beginning of the month so we are, Lord willing going to see our kids. We didn’t count on all the extra costs of testing and we will have to quarantine for 14 days in a hotel at our expense when we return so we are asking of God puts it on your heart and you would like to give to help with the extra expense please go to

If you scroll down to “other” in the tip option you can put any amount or no amount to tip. There has been some confusion with this!


And thank you and God bless you ahead of time. Every little bit will help us to get to our kids across the ocean!