Christian and I have been sick since we got back from our get-a-way weekend so I haven’t posted the rest of the pictures. We had such a good time seeing our new friends, one of them we got to visit at his home; he, his wife and family were so gracious to us, served us tea and samosa’s (which are similar to our meat pies). Raelee went outside and immediately made friends and started instructing everyone on what she wanted them to do!

We then went to Church where Samuel and Sibenda go. Christian was asked if he wanted to speak for 15-20 minutes and he said yes, but when we got there, they announced he was bringing the message for the morning! He was ready, and did a good job, even with an interpreter. I have tried to upload the video unsuccessfully, but I will keep trying. It was a very good day!

On Monday evening our third friend, Innocent, came to our hotel to visit us. We had cake and coffee for him and had a very good visit.


Hard To Say Goodbye

Please forgive me for not posting for a few days! We have had a lot going on but not much to talk about. We have gone through a rough situation, and come out the other side, thanking God for His protection, His comfort and His guidance. We’ve learned how important it is to depend solely on Him every minute, through every circumstance and He has not let us down.

We are so thankful that even when we don’t know what we need, or think we know, God does know and He gives us His best. Our three guests we’ve had staying with us for a week had to leave yesterday. It was bittersweet, they have been such a comfort and a joy in a tough time. They were sent by our legal counsel to watch over us while some things were being settled, but God sent them to guide us through an unseen battle. I can’t say enough, how very thankful I am to know how much our Father loves us and watches over us, and how very thankful that these men were sent at exactly the right moment to see us through. It is very true what the Bible says about fellowship with other believers…


We had to say goodbye to the children at the orphanage next to us, and I ask you to join us in prayer for them, everyday, that as God’s children, He will watch over them, protect them, and continue to pursue their hearts. Pray with us in waiting for God’s plan to unfold, and show us our next steps.