Off With Their Heads!

We have been harvesting plants and grasses – just this week we cut our first hay and it is drying. I was sad to see them beheading our beautiful sunflowers but the birds had started stealing seeds so we decided it was time to cut them. We cut half of the stalks and dried them but we left the other half so we could give the rabbits fresh leaves for as long as possible. Raelee brought some leaves in yesterday to feed Ted and two baby rabbits we have inside and there was mold on them. We didn’t forsee that or we would have cut it all. We are now checking the rest of the leaves to see if there is any to salvage. If not we may have to either pull all leaves off the stalks if they can be used or just cut it all down and burn it. We have plenty already dried to add to the pellets, the rabbits go crazy over the sunflower heads but one feeding for five hundred rabbits and it would all be gone! We will grind the heads and seeds (of which there were many) and add a minnow like fish they eat here for protein along with another plant and make pellets with the equipment we bought for that.

We’ve harvested a lot of grass that is for the goats and bulls, Christian made a wood box that they pack the dried grass into and make bales. And this week our first hay was harvested. The rains have still been coming a couple times a week so we are debating on planting more sunflowers and hay. We have been communicating with a man that sells solar pumps so that we can put one on a well we have in the back and run drip irrigation so that we can grow during the dry months. It is a lot of work and we are very very thankful for all the help we have!

For The Neglected!

Some days it is easier for me to send photos to Facebook than to make a blog post, I am sorry to those who follow me on here but not FB!

The rains have slowed down but we have had good crops on our property. We planted sunflowers, hay, dandelions, two other kinds of grasses that are good for rabbits. A plant called dodo that people eat like collard greens. We first did test plots – A. Dodo with no fertilizer B. Dodo with rabbit fertilizer and C. Fertilizer all the farmers here use. The dodo that was planted and fertilized with rabbit fertilizer grew, was harvested, planted again before any of the other two plots had gotten six inches tall! We have about an acre planted with various plants that will be fed fresh or dried for pellet food for bulls, goats and rabbits. We should have planted more sunflowers! All parts of the plant is good for the rabbits and seeds will be ground up and put in the pellets.

A solar pump is in the works for the well in back of the property. It will fill tanks for the rabbit house, for the bulls and be used for drip irrigation so that we can grow even through the dry season. It’s been busy around here!