Cooking here is challenging. If you know me, you know I am not a “made from scratch” kinda gal! Well, I wasn’t! If we want to eat, I have to cook, and there really isn’t anything quick around. We have found tuna, expensive tuna! And peanut butter and jam – no jelly, just jam – which is okay with me but my husband doesn’t like it because it doesn’t mix well with his peanut butter! But the bread we’ve found isn’t the greatest, it is all very dry. So, I have to start lunch around 10 to eat at a reasonable “lunch” time! Seems like I get done with that and it’s time to start on dinner, right after getting the water, and heating it to do the lunch dishes. All day heating the water and putting it in thermos’s so we will have hot water for dishes, and bathing.

Anyway, I am proud to say it took moving to Africa for me to learn to make my own tortillas and salsa. And they were very, very good! I even made a great guacamole, even though I am the only one that eats it. Ate it for three days! This meal will probably be a staple in this house until I learn more recipes for the foods available here!