Yesterday we went to Jinja to see about supplies needed for an upcoming project. There is a parking garage, 4 or 5 floors high, that is all a market place. We were told it is the largest indoor market in Uganda. There was so much stuff there, and I think there were more shoes than I have ever seen in one place! There is new stuff and then there is used stuff. While Christian was talking to some men about what he would be needing, Raelee and I walked around. We went to the second floor, but soon came back down. There was so much stuff crammed into small spaces, and many people shopping, and many people reaching out and grabbing Raelee’s braids and touching her. It was a little overwhelming, so we stuck close to the hardware store! Outside of it, Raelee found a woven mat that was pink and green and wanted to buy it. Many people here can’t afford a mattress to sleep on, so they have these mats so that they are not just laying on the dirt. The price was 35,000 shillings ($10) and I told Raelee not today, we had other things to get and that was too much. But then I noticed a lady weaving, she had about a two inch strip, about 6 feet long. I asked her if she had made the mat Raelee was wanting and she said she had. She sits and weaves all day. Then I thought, $10 our money really wasn’t that much for the work she had put in. She showed us the grass she had dyed and was laying out to dry, she would use them in other mats. She was a very nice, soft spoken lady and gladly let me take her picture with Raelee and her new “nap” mat!