This Valentines day please give a gift of love to help girls stay in school, build self-esteem and stay safe. Too many drop out of school, sell their bodies for pads or get married just to get the things they need to stay in school.

This week my goal is to raise $5000 so that we can get kits to 500 girls in our community this term of the new school year. 100% of the money given goes to the project. We have one of our girls graduating tailoring school and she will be sewing kits to earn her own sewing machine.

Many times we donate money to causes and never really know where it goes. All money that is donated to themandate.com is used for projects. By clicking on the link below your money will go directly to this project. You don’t have to donate the $10 for a kit, anything you can give helps.

When we bless others we get even greater blessings back. And I wish all that support us could see the girls faces when they receive the kits.

This year besides the kits and education we give about menstrual health we are adding a self defense class.



Please give the love that leads to hope for these girls! Click the heart below to give! And thank you so much for your love!