Prison Ministry

For months now Salima and I have been ministering to the women in our local prison. It is really heartbreaking to hear some of their stories. Women here are treated so badly, very few rights, mistreated by husbands. There is one lady that because her husband stole something and then ran away they have arrested her. If they are accused of not paying back a debt the accuser can come every week and give money to keep them in, which adds to the total they owe. And no way to earn money while on the inside. Currently there are three babies in there with their mothers. It’s been rainy and cold and these babies have no clothes so Salima took $15 and bought clothes and blankets for them.

For the past few weeks there has been a girl there that at first they said they put her in because she previously sold fries for lunch in front of a bar and then started acting crazy. So they thought maybe she was on drugs and were waiting to see if she would “dry out”. But after three weeks now she still hasn’t changed. I was sick and unable to go Monday so Salima and now because we have given her courage, the wife of the Pastor that has gone for years and preaches with Chris goes with us.. The story they now have gotten – and we aren’t all clear about it – was somehow she was doing some kind of “errands “ for some men for a while but one day they called her to come and she was accosted by a group of men and since then has been out of her mind. Crazy acting which is understandable if she can’t work through what happened to her. They haven’t found family and there isn’t much help for girls or women that are attacked in that way. She has been on my heart these weeks but right now we don’t know how to help. I want to bring her home but unless God is leading we don’t know all the consequences that can bring or if we could even help her. So please pray for this young lady. Prison is no place for a victim like her.

It is hard for me at times, anxiety of speaking to a group, sometimes feeling like a hypocrite when I go and speak and my relationship with God isn’t going so well and sometimes the heartbreak and helplessness I feel is too much to handle . But just showing up and loving these women have made a change in them and to me. So please pray for me to have strength, courage and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as I speak to these ladies. I am so thankful to Salima and now Rebecca for going with me. I can relate to the ladies in many ways just as a woman but they can also add to what I speak about in a way that speaks to them culturally also.

$13 worth of clothing for the babies. Salima stretches every bit of money we give her to get the most out of it. I am so thankful for her.

Babies in Prison

I’ve missed two Mondays at the prison because I was sick with typhoid so it was good to be back with the women. The last time we were there we had brought Bibles but they hadn’t been given out so we were able to give them out. The ladies were so excited! We spent a little time helping them learn how helpful it is to know the order of the books in the Bible to be able to find scriptures quickly. Then as I was teaching some of the ladies would take turns reading the scripture. Some got Bibles in English and some in Luganda.

In June we brought Maama kits for three pregnant women in the prison. One had her baby two nights ago in the prison dormitory so it was a great blessing she had all the things needed to have a safer delivery. We are thankful for the people who enable us to get and give the kits. There are two more ladies about ready to give birth.

The lady that gave birth this weekend was in court with her baby (yes, two days after birth) when we were there so we didn’t get to see them. But Salima went back later with another Maama kit and some blankets and baby clothes and Hope kits but Praise God the mother and baby had been released!

To read more or donate for the kits please visit They can truly be a matter of life and death for mother and child.