Feeding Monkeys

When we got to the park at the Nile we didn’t see but one monkey. After the first banana was thrown out there were hundred that came. So many babies that were so cute. I had to use my very heavy 300mm lens to get the babies because when people come too close they climb onto the mother’s belly. There was one big one that started chasing Raelee, she started running and crying even though I was almost between them. I keep telling her to run to Daddo or just drop the bag! She made it to Daddo while I was throwing things at him! All he wanted was a banana. He got up on the wall and ate about six bananas! I wish the one was clearer, he was shoving all bananas in as fast as he could so he could have more!

Peeling his banana
Picking ticks off her baby
Very large male – piggy!

We also saw fisherman doing their daily job to sell fish later.

Also saw other wildlife but no Nile monitor-lizards today.