Happy Wednesday!

Well, we have made it halfway through the week and still moving along! Moving a little slower and with sound effects! I had to squat down to get something and thought I’d never get up. Had to get to my rear, kinda roll over to my knees, then all fours and finally back into a standing position. On the dirt floor of the rabbit house. I’ve been working like I’m twenty-five but once I stop my body reminds me I am a little older than that! Ha! Raelee has still been a trooper but she got to have more time off today. She spent a lot of it talking to one rabbit that she is determined to bring inside. And spoiling a few with more sunflowers. Christian worked with me today and we fed, cleaned and doctored all before lunch. Then we remembered we had to fill the water tank. Yikes! Christian says if us old people can do all that those young guys shouldn’t be complaining about anything!

We have a bore hole in the back of the property that used to be a community pump until we fenced the property in. So it doesn’t get used and the water has been pretty nasty. Jennifer and I are convinced that if pumped enough it will clear up. Someone will go pump it for ten minutes and quit and say it won’t clear up. For at least three months, if not more, we have been talking with a company that installs solar pumps to go on our bore hole that we can use for the rabbits water system and drip irrigation for our crops. I have been stressing over it, wanting to get it done before the dry season is begins. The owner (who is American) lives about two hours away. We were told by friends that he is a really busy man for all this time he would set an appointment with us and cancel the day before. Finally he told us he had the trucks packed up with equipment to at least come blow out the well and see if that clears up the water. Haven’t heard from him in almost three weeks now. In the rabbit house is a five hundred liter tank with PVC pips that carry the water through each cage. The five hundred liters last about three days. The rabbit house is at the back of our five acre property and the guys have had to come up to the very front of the five acres and pump water to take back and fill the tank. The guys aren’t here this week so this evening we pumped and filled the tank. It had some water in it but we pumped and poured two hundred and fifty liters into it! We did pump at the back well and the water was crystal clear. The bright side is it was a good work out for my “granny” arms as my loving husband calls them. You know, when you get old and when you wave you look like a flag is attached to the bottom of your arm. Where did this come from? When did it happen? Haha! I probably won’t be able to wave anything tomorrow. We did it different than the guys, they carry the jerry cans down the road, inside the building and hand them up to whoever is pouring. We drove the truck full of jerry cans, I hooked them up to a rope and Christian pulled them up. The two cans in the pictures are ten liters, some we have are twenty liters. We had to fill them all. I told him all he has to do is put a pulley back there and problems solved until we can get a pump!

While we were pumping and filling, the boys (with Raelee supervising from a perch in a tree) cleaned out the chicken house. I think they were quite relieved not having to clean urine and manure in the rabbit house! I love them both and they always make me laugh. They love to ride on the truck and thought they could convince me to let them hang off the side when I drove it back up to the house. They and Raelee love to ride in the back. When they realized Christian wasn’t going back up they all three climbed in the front with me and the boys were amazed I was driving. We got up to the house and Indianga was at the gate in the tipper waiting to be let in as the guard was gone for the day. I had to turn the truck around and when I backed up I was watching the building but forgot one important thing….the tail gate was down. Oops! Just barely I bumped the building but the boys looked at me with big eyes waiting to see what I was going to do. I said “Oops”! Got out, went to find the gate keys, let Indianga in and was telling him I forgot the tail gate was down. He said “Whoops”! The only thing it did was smash the plastic cover for the solar wiring to the Church building.

By the time we were finished watering rabbits, watering goats and chickens it was past supper time. I started making tacos and boiling water to bathe. After the meat was done and shells were cooking I realized there was barely a flame under the water kettles, and then poof! there was no more flame – gas was over! The water was near boiling, supper was ready so I say that was perfect timing!

We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Remember to thank God for all the many blessings you have everyday – even the small ones like having just enough gas to finish supper! He always provides just what we need!

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I am a Jesus lover, wife, mother and grandmother. I live in Uganda with two of my best friends and get to experience God's love, grace and mercy everyday. This is my personal blog and posts, pictures and views don’t necessarily represent the views of our organization. They are from our personal experiences as missionaries.

One thought on “Happy Wednesday!”

  1. You guys are unbelievable. How can you do that much physical labor in one day? I realize I am a weakling, but y’all are Superman and Wonder Woman! So proud of you. May you have a wonderful day today. This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for you! Please set aside at least a little time to relax. Love y’all.


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