We Are Still Here!

I have gotten a few messages asking if we are doing okay, and I realize that I haven’t posted since last week and Christmas. We have had a whirlwind week and I still don’t have much more than a minute to update. I wanted to say we are well – just busy!

Last week Christian was arrested and held for about four hours because his wiper fluid dispenser wasn’t working, the reflectors on the truck were not good enough, and the passenger seat was ripped deeming the truck a very dangerous vehicle! (Seriously). I called the Chairman and he went to the police station but they had already released Christian with just a warning, telling him that he would  be arrested and held and sent to court if he was stopped again and it wasn’t fixed. Our sometimes driver Indianga took the truck and had everything except the seats fixed. The very next day the same policeman stopped Christian to see if everything worked and would  you know the wiper fluid didn’t squirt out? The motor made the noise just as the policeman turned to check out the back of the truck so he didn’t notice that it didn’t actually produce the water! It works about every other time. We get stopped frequently now since there are more and more police check points. The one that took him to jail is located between our village and the town.

We were going to take a break and go camping in the rainforest over the New Year’s weekend but that didn’t happen. Christian volunteered to help out a ministry move their camp from the other side of us to a village on the other side of Jinja on Friday. There were three guys and their equipment that he was transporting, they stopped here on their way and our workers were very blessed in just the few minutes they were here. The visitors just started singing and all the workers joined in, it was so awesome! They were begging me to get those guys back here! We will definitely try to get on their schedule. The entire ministry moves from place to place, staying 2-4 weeks in each village. They will be going to Kenya and Rwanda in the next couple months. The man and woman that head up the ministry are from Alaska, a really great couple. We hope to keep connected with them, they have many of the same struggles we have had in ministering in a different culture! (I have a video of them singing with our guys but not the time to post it)

One very good thing to come from their short visit was that the guys in Bible Study have asked to start singing before and after study. They didn’t think it was “allowed” because it was study. I told them they can do anything they would like, it’s just that Christian and I don’t sing! They are welcome to sing, and we will sing along if we can! So Sunday morning they sang and it was the greatest!

So, on to the rest of their travel. They made it about 45 miles and had to make a detour onto a terrible road full of huge rocks which sliced a tire and left them stranded in a sugar cane field for about three and a half hours while Sharifu walked to the nearest town (with the tire) to try to have it fixed. There was a spare on the truck we have never had to use and Christian said he and the guys tried for three hours to get it off but it would not  come off. Finally, just about the time Sharifu came back, they got it loose! It was late by the time Christian got home and I couldn’t bear to wake him up early on  Saturday to go camping. He never sleeps past seven, but he didn’t wake up until 9:30! It was a good thing we didn’t go because on Sunday morning 250 kids showed up to Sunday School! Apparently word went round that because it was New Years Holiday we would be handing out not only footballs (soccer balls to you!) but the whole football uniform also. So we had a packed house of some of the rudest kids I’ve seen so far in our time here. It was chaotic, nothing  the girls and I could do to get some order. We played a couple of games after Christian came in, but then when it was time to give out the snacks, we had girls falling down and about passing out because of the pushing and shoving. One of Jenifer’s girls finally got a switch (you southern mamas know what I’m talking about!) and started swinging that. Let’s just say there was a scattering of kids! If I would have had toys to pass out I wouldn’t have done it. I know they have nothing but I can’t let them think that it’s okay to act that way and be rewarded for it. I tried to explain to them that the reason the kids were blessed on Christmas was because they came to Sunday School every week the entire year. I don’t foresee us having that many come back this Sunday.

Well, that brings you up to date for last week. This week deserves its own post, it has been an epic adventure of buying vehicles and equipment! Some of it I will never be able to properly convey to you because it is so unbelievable you will just end up thinking we are idiots! But I will try in my next post! We have a busy day today preparing for the arrival tomorrow of two hundred rabbits! Please pray for us and the rabbits safe journey!

Happy New Year to all, hope yours has been as exciting as ours so far but with less headache!

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I am a Jesus lover, wife, mother and grandmother. I live in Uganda with two of my best friends and get to experience God's love, grace and mercy everyday. This is my personal blog and posts, pictures and views don’t necessarily represent the views of our organization. They are from our personal experiences as missionaries.

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