Raelee’s #7

Wednesday was Raelee’s seventh birthday. We had to go to Kampala to get supplies for the rabbit project and so we decided to celebrate her birthday there, hotel with a swimming pool! It was so hot on the trip there, we couldn’t wait to go swimming! She was so excited, she gave us our orders. While Daddy took her shopping for new floaties I was to go get a birthday present. We met up and ate lunch and made it to the hotel. As soon as we were checking in to the hotel it started thundering – huge thunder! So the staff got the pool ready and Raelee got her suit and floaties on and the downpour began! It was the biggest storm we’ve seen since we got to Uganda, it looked like hurricane winds and there was even hail! It all blew over in about thirty minutes while Raelee stood at the door watching. The pool man got out there in a hurry to scoop the leaves out. (She is treated like royalty everywhere she goes!) The manager asked if we wanted to wait until the pumps cleared the water up, but Raelee couldn’t wait. So, while most of the staff was watching (it is a small hotel), she got ready. We had a big argument beforehand about the water being cold, but Raelee INSISTED no water was too cold for her. So I decided to record her reaction when she jumped in. (She still denies the water being too cold – she’s stubborn that way!)

After she jumped the first time the manager of the hotel asked how I stayed so calm, she would have jumped in. I told her that the floaties weren’t going to let her go under, and even without them she can swim. She can’t swim without them if me or Daddo aren’t in the pool especially when most pools around here are over her head even in the shallow end – which this pool doesn’t even have. She knew she couldn’t touch bottom here. And unless she was going under I wasn’t jumping into that water after the storm! I had a light sweater on as it was!

She got a new dress, sparkly shoes, more doctoring tools and Sparkles the unicorn. She was quite excited, Tuesday night she got to get frozen yogurt and put sprinkles and gummy worms on top! Wednesday she had a strawberry milkshake. We looked all over for a cake or even a cupcake but found nothing. They aren’t big on cakes or good desserts here. She was content with the trip, all the birthday wishes, including a video from two very special people! So I hid the 7 candle in my purse and when we got home last night she found it. So apparently now I have to make a cake for it (maybe she will forget about it! Ha!)

Sparkles the unicorn ate breakfast, doesn’t like eggs, has special sounds when she is happy and sad. Loves to nap. So, when Raelee and I got out of the truck to run in a store I told her daddy “Don’t let Sparkles jump out the window” Raelee put her hand on my arm and in all seriousness said “You DO know Sparkles isn’t real don’t you?” I guess I can’t participate in her imaginary world!

Birthday #7…..Success!

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I am a Jesus lover, wife, mother and grandmother. I live in Uganda with two of my best friends and get to experience God's love, grace and mercy everyday. This is my personal blog and posts, pictures and views don’t necessarily represent the views of our organization. They are from our personal experiences as missionaries.

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