The BS

The Bull Situation
There was a farmer had our bulls and Bogere was his name-o. A refusal here, an arrest warrant there and the bulls were brought back home-o….
To recap the first go round:
I want to say that with 30+ farmers, only 5 tried to cause trouble and when Christian went and confronted them, three ended up giving a portion. Their reasoning for not honoring their contract and trying to get us sent home is that we didn’t honor the contract by helping this second season. (Most farmers understood that it was our mistake – our misunderstanding of the seasons, but we would carry on with our agreement in March). Three farmers (including the ringleader) ended up giving some when they were confronted face to face. One ran away and didn’t even harvest his peanuts so they rotted in the field. And the one hold out is this guy. (Although all five are now out of the program.) He has made income plowing with our bulls in trade (we were told) for keeping them on his property. We have paid for the vet and Medicine when they were sick. They say hindsight is 20\20 but we had so many other things to deal with that we just let whatever had been going on previously to stand. But when he said he wasn’t going to give his half of his rice harvest, Christian told him the bulls had to come to our property. So started this stupid situation. Even after being arrested, he openly admitted to the police the first time that the bulls are Mandates. The bulls were returned and we thought that was the end.
Now I think it’s a matter of pride and embarrassment, he has pressed charges against us and the Chairman. He has four wives and 14+ offspring to support. He’s known to be a thief, his sons and own father have admitted it and have tried to get him to stop this. It’s not a matter of people disrespecting or denying our authority, it is one bad man who is desperate not to lose the moneymakers he’s had for 3+ years..

We got to learn first hand how the process works when there is a dispute. The police come to the place where the dispute is, and have a “court” procedure of sorts. Each side presents witnesses to the Chief of Police and another official. There were over one hundred people came as witnesses for Mandate. We didn’t ask them, when they found out what was going on they all volunteered to come. The accuser did not show, nor did he have any witnesses to stand with him. The best he could find was a man from another village and the police said he could not be heard anyway. The Chairman called Bogere and his excuse was he was at the police station talking to the police. He was demanded to get here and said he was on his way. While we were waiting, the Chairman (who you know is an elected official) took the two officials on a tour of the village to show the wells that Mandate has dug, the solar at the Maternity Ward and around our land. The accused never showed so the “program” began with a prayer from one of the farmers. (Praise the Lord!) Around ten-eleven people stood and bore witness to the help Mandate has brought to their community. What was so encouraging and humbling were ones that we didn’t know but had helped someone in their family, and it wasn’t even monetary help. It was praying with them when a loved one was sick, giving a ride to Kimuli’s dad when no Ugandan would because of the smell of his leg. The widow that cooks the Mandaze every week for the children at Sunday School told how much we have helped her by buying her sweet biscuits! She no longer has to walk all day through the village trying to sell them one by one. Another widow, Ms Betty gave witness that I buy mats from her so that she can eat. (Personally, we think if we just gave Ms Betty a chance at this guy she would straighten everything out! Haha!)

The Chief stopped the witnessing, he had gotten a pretty clear picture of our side, and he said that Bogere should have a chance at speaking. (I’m going to leave to your imagination our reaction to that!) There will be another date set, he will now get the summons to appear. If he skips it the matter will be dissolved and it will be over. Even if he appears, I believe in the officials minds the case is already decided.

God’s Word says in Genesis 50:20:

 As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive…

We saw how true this is yesterday. The police Chief stood before the people and told them that they had to be saved, in their hearts, to keep them from sinning. To keep them from thieving, lying and hurting others. He told them that instead of looking at what they can get today, to look to their future, at their children and grandchildren’s futures. What happens when we are driven out? What happens when this crop is harvested today and sold tomorrow? Where will you be then? He told them that in six years he is retiring and already he is making plans for his future retirement so that he won’t suffer, his children and grandchildren won’t suffer. He told them there should be no poverty here like there is if they would only be saved and look toward their future and not live for just today and how they can get whatever they can get. We were pretty blown away after he spoke, and thankful to Our Father for the many Saints that have been lifting us up in prayer. Though this situation hasn’t worried us, even at the point where Christian was prepared to go to jail rather than give this guy the bulls back, it has been an annoyance. That puts stress on a body! And it has taken us away from work to be done. Even if ninety-nine people went home and ignored every word he said, I believe that the one that ponders his words will be saved. Of the other ninety-nine seeds were planted, and by someone who is in their eyes a great authority. In Isaiah 55:11, the Lord says:

so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.

God is in control, ALWAYS, and He has used this situation to strengthen us, strengthened our standing in this community and now in the city. We now have a friend in the Chief of Police! He has brought many people together, and we had a chance to meet many people in the village who now are able to see that we mean to help them. Do I think this ends the dealings with the devil who is behind everything? No, but as each situation arises, as each one strengthens our faith and our resolve, it makes it harder for the devil to succeed in each. It weakens his power over this village, over each person that hears God’s Word.

To be continued……?!

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I am a Jesus lover, wife, mother and grandmother. I live in Uganda with two of my best friends and get to experience God's love, grace and mercy everyday. This is my personal blog and posts, pictures and views don’t necessarily represent the views of our organization. They are from our personal experiences as missionaries.

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