Week In Review

Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows. Luke 12:7

Really we have had a quiet week. There were two deaths this week, one was our neighbor who we bought some of our land from. Our workers took off half a day to attend the burial. We are told that if your close neighbor dies you must not work or you can be beaten. So we let them go!  The other was a child that was run over by a taxi on the main road that leads from Kampala to Kenya. It is a dangerous road and I am thankful we don’t live right on it. We live down a dirt road that is rough and has many potholes in it, and darting children, chickens and goats. It is usually an obstacle course not to hit an animal and this week we almost ran over a child. Christian had slowed down because he saw two little kids and they got to the side of the road but at the last-minute the baby darted across in front of us. Christian had time to hit the brakes but I am sure it scared the little one pretty bad! Please be in prayer for the families that lost loved ones this week.

We’ve also had some unrest here, in Kampala so it really hasn’t affected us directly. There was a group of the military that were planning a coup to overthrow the president (which is how he became president thirty years ago). It was stopped before it happened and many of the military and opponents of the president were arrested. The election is still being talked about and many are not happy with their president. I don’t believe the plans to overthrow him will end any time soon. His main opponent is still under arrest, now he is being charged with treason because on inauguration day he held his own ceremony and called himself the new president. inauguration parties for the actual president were canceled because nobody showed up. The streets were said to be empty after the announcement he had won. Another soldier killed his wife, three other ladies and  three children. It is said that kind of situation has happened frequently with soldiers in the past few years.The men who enlist in the army have to serve until they are sixty-five, seems like that may be stressful.

Raelee picked and picked and picked her nose until it bled. (I know, gross). Zula called me outside to show me her nose. Later that night we looked in it with a flashlight and I swear it looked like some kind of larvae in it, she said it was a jigger in her nose, Christian said it was puss and infected. So we took her to Dr. Nelson the next morning. He said he didn’t think it was infected and told her to keep her finger out of her nose. (Jeesh, if it isn’t one thing it is another!) And no, jiggers do not get in your nose. (Unless maybe you stick your toe in your nose which wouldn’t surprise me a bit with this child).

The puppies are coming along in their training. They come when called, even away from the chickens. They sit for us and now for Zula, Cadetti and Sherifu, which they love to do to show off when people are around. Most of the people fear them and all of the children fear them. We made a mistake letting Raelee run from the front of our property to the back screaming for the dogs to chase her. Now when they get around the kids at the bore hole and the kids scream and run the dogs chase them which makes it worse. I had to run faster than I have run in a LONG time to get one girl to stop and wrangle the dogs. We must stop that before they chase someone out the gate or traumatize children forever!

We are now up to about ten chickens and Christian just built a small house for the two we already had with just enough room for a few more. Our farm manager said a while back that he had a chicken for us but was keeping it over there until we were ready for it. Well, it laid two eggs and the chicks grew up. Bakali ate one so we then had two chickens. The two chickens laid eggs and multiplied to four or five. They laid eggs so I believe we are up to eight or nine! He is supposed to bring them over this week. We were informed today that we are getting one more from a lady we took to the Dr. We aren’t sure our little chicken house will hold them all! I called Bakali last night because I didn’t realize I was out of eggs until I started to cook cornbread. He brought over four eggs from his mazungu chicken. (The chicken is white!) Christian asked him “So, if I get a black chicken I can call it my african chicken?” Bakali thought that was very funny!

I have been making pumpkin muffins and pumpkin bread is in the works. The pumpkin squash are all getting ripe and they are so close to a regular pumpkin you can make pumpkin pie and not know the difference.

I’m thinking this is our “winter” months here. May and this month have had some pretty cool nights. Last night I had two blankets on and was still cold! I love the rainy season!

Christian put up my wind chimes outside our bedroom window and last night and they were tinkling away. Raelee informed me that the sound was annoying and she wants them taken down. I told her I love that noise, it sounds like tinkling fairies. She then told me to quit calling her a tinkle berry, that she is a tinkle grape. Never a dull moment here!

I thank God for the small blessings everyday. Yesterday I cooked beans in my pressure cooker, heated water for a group of people having a prayer service and cooked cornbread. The cornbread was just finishing up when I ran out of gas! So many times we overlook the small things God does to show his love and caring for our everyday and instead look for the miracles and big things.

Tomorrow we will have church service and our Sunday School teachers who have been going to training will be teaching the children. I get to go hear my husband preach! Hope you all have had a good week and have a happy Father’s Day!

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I am a Jesus lover, wife, mother and grandmother. I live in Uganda with two of my best friends and get to experience God's love, grace and mercy everyday. This is my personal blog and posts, pictures and views don’t necessarily represent the views of our organization. They are from our personal experiences as missionaries.

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  1. Sounds like never a dull moment. Hope Chris has a Happy Father’s Day. We love you all. Tell Raelee we love her and said to keep her finger out of her nose. lol


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