I have been under the weather the past few days, stomach flu (not fun!) and now Raelee has it. Doctor says bacterial infection so we are on medication that should make us well in two days! So Christian had to go by himself to visit two farmers, a husband and wife. He is growing and acre and a half – one acre is with us – of peanuts and his wife is growing one acre of beans. (pronounced beanies here! We have beanies and greenies and then there are the minerals which are they tiny dried out minnows they eat in soup. Eew.)

The rains have been good, there have been days in between the heavy rains so it seems most of the crops are doing good. As we drive down our road we see everything growing and looking very healthy. We are very, very thankful for this.

Please keep praying for the crops, but also so important are the prayers that we can teach the farmers to put back seed and money. It is very common for the people to spend all their money in the week or so that they harvest and then have to go three months without. This past week there have been many coming wanting us to pay school fees. It is hard to say no because it is children’s education, but, they have been making it all this time without us so I believe they will keep on making it. Christian is putting the word out that Mandate does not pay school fees, so maybe it will slow down those coming wanting money. When I say it is hard to say no, I sincerely mean heart tugging, compassion and hurt that we can’t help everybody so we have to make the choice that we can only help those who don’t have parents. We are only going to give to the widows. I want to start raising goats so that we can give the widows a goat. Christian and I have given most of our personal money away this month and yet it is not enough. Especially when we know there are many that are lying and cheating us.

We took one of our workers daughter to the clinic for a broken arm. Dr Nelson’s X-ray machine was down so he sent them to another hospital and said it should not be more than 20,000 shillings for the X-ray, don’t let them try and charge more. They charged 25,000 and Christian only had 21,000 and left because they wouldn’t take that. After going outside, he realized how his actions affect everyone around so he asked the father if he had the 4,000 needed. He did. The girl got the cast, and Dr Nelson said that was it until time to remove the cast. We get a call today from our neighbor asking about the cost of the girl’s treatment. Christian explained that we didn’t pay cash except for the X-rays, everything else went on the account we set up at Dr Nelson’s hospital, we pay at the first of the month with our money and money the workers have put in. Our neighbor says he gave 50,000 shillings the day the girl broke her arm because it was at his house and he felt bad. No mention of that when having to pay for the X-rays. Then yesterday the father came back to the neighbor and said he needed 60,000 more for more treatments. The neighbor gave it and then decided to call. So we have learned we will have to communicate so that we don’t all get taken. It is a hard thing to live with so much corruption, but that is the culture, has been for hundreds of years. When there is Godlessness, this is what you get. Americans that are putting God out of everything take note – you have no idea what it is to live where there is no one true God. Our prayers are that people are saved, come to know and follow Christ no matter the cost and see a change in their communities and then the country. I don’t mean to be negative, I am not discouraged – most days! Because I know that God put us here for a reason – we are stubborn and hard headed – and although we don’t understand the reasons or His plan right now, our Faith in Him keeps us going, encourages us and helps us to see the good around us. There are those that are saved, and trying to find the path and purpose that God has for them, and it is difficult in a place that the first Christians gave a very confusing and warped understanding of God. They taught about getting rich, all being healed if you have enough faith. Do you know what this does to peoples perspective of God when those things don’t happen? It makes it very difficult to disciple, but we start at the beginning and try to bring them up, in a place that is contrary to everything the Bible says.

Pray for us, the people and that God’s Holy Spirit break through the darkness that has been upon this country for decades. Pray for more lives to be saved, and pray for the children that come every Sunday to hear the stories about God and God’s people. We had about fifteen more this past Sunday, making around eighty-three. So amazing!

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I am a Jesus lover, wife, mother and grandmother. I live in Uganda with two of my best friends and get to experience God's love, grace and mercy everyday. This is my personal blog and posts, pictures and views don’t necessarily represent the views of our organization. They are from our personal experiences as missionaries.

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