Good Day

Today Raelee, Christian and I went to Jinja for the day. We just walked around, ate, bought fabric for our couch, which to find what I really wanted in an environment that believes colors and tackiness is just the greatest was a miracle to me! I went to different fabric shops in our town and it cracks me up how they tell me what I really want. I don’t want denim blue, lime green is what I would like. And when I said no, they said my cushions would be ready in two days. “It’s okay?” No, it’s not okay! “Oh, we will surprise you and you will love it” Thanks but no thanks! So I put out a message on some expat Facebook pages for Jinja and two ladies told me a good place to go. They were right! It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but close enough. And no lime green in sight! Then I went to the paint store, looking for a denim color and a couple colors that need to be for exterior. They had a color chart that they gave me to choose from but it all came down to the four colors they actually have! And none were in the realm I was thinking. Here, you get what you get and should be happy about it! Anyway, we got groceries and came home. It was just a good day for us to be together and at peace.

We still haven’t found out what has happened with the man that needed the amputation. We’ve asked Kimuli (his son) everyday and he says he doesn’t know. We gave him a few dollars to travel to the hospital to see. It’s so different here, we just can’t grasp the dynamics with family and friends. How can a son not know what is happening to his dad? They all have phones. Kimuli said he has called and called but the phone isn’t in service. I think some of it has to do with the wife that is with his dad currently. Two wives were at the first hospital, one went with him to the other hospital, Kimuli’s mother went home. I’m not sure we will ever get it.

So I have a song today. On a particularly bad day at the beginning of the week, I was sweeping our mess in the new home and feeling pretty sorry for myself, I had music playing and this song came on. It made me cry but it also changed my whole perspective back to where it should be. I don’t want to get jaded at all the corruption, or be bitter to people who are only doing what they have done long before we came here. I don’t even think most of the time the things they do are personal to us. I hope you listen and read the words and maybe have your perspective changed today. We have decided this is our theme song, and if we need to we will listen to it everyday to keep the perspective that God wants us to have. It’s only by God’s grace and the love of Christ our Savior that I am who I am today and been given Grace enough to forgive.

PS … I have had great help this week and on Monday the house will be mopped and ready to start the fun of painting and decorating and moving in! I have been encouraged in many, many ways this week. The young man that interpreted for me on Sunday has come by everyday and talked with us. Part of the reason I haven’t done more with the kids is not having interpreters. So he has agreed to help me tomorrow with our new flannel board and story telling. Also from that Sunday and movie, Kimuli and our day guard who are both muslim stood and listened and watched the end of the movie with Christ being crucified. This week I went out to the guardhouse to tell the day guard, Sherifu, something I needed him to do and they and three other guys were listening to the bible on one of their phones in their language. If that isn’t encouragement enough to keep going, then I need to pack it up! Please be praying for our continued persistence, grace and strength. Pray that this curiousity grows with these guys and God will open more doors for us to be able to witness to them. And pray for me tomorrow with these wild kids!

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I am a Jesus lover, wife, mother and grandmother. I live in Uganda with two of my best friends and get to experience God's love, grace and mercy everyday. This is my personal blog and posts, pictures and views don’t necessarily represent the views of our organization. They are from our personal experiences as missionaries.

4 thoughts on “Good Day”

  1. Rhonda, I’m so glad you were able to just take a day to relax and be with just your family. Those are refreshing times. It is so difficult living in such a different culture. – Hard to understand the reasons behind the actions of so many. I’m so glad you have been encouraged. It’s the small things like a rainbow after the flood that reminds us that God is still there. You are following in His plan and I’m sure there are so many unpredictable detours that take a hit to your faith. I share your adventures frequently and am so glad you are willing to share them. I get a daily update from Donny and never go to bed without asking about you. You may be far, but definitely not forgotten. We are praying for you.


    1. Thank you Patty. For your encouragement and prayers. We are also so thankful for Donny, he may get tired of it but he is a sounding board for me, able to vent and knowing he understands. Sometimes you have to let things out but you have to be careful who you let it out too! Keep praying for us, as we pray for you also!


  2. Glad things are a little better. Sometimes we do have to change our prospective to accomplish the things we want to do. I try all the time to just tell myself if I have a happy outlook everything will work out and usually it does. Love you all. Have fun painting and decorating.


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