Life Is Good

We’ve been pretty busy here, getting the “barn” finished and over seeing the guys putting a ceiling in the building we are moving into. Then there are the farmers getting ready to plant before the rains set in. The Chairman has been very supportive and has even had meetings with the farmers to re-iterate the goals and help them to understand the importance of the chance they are getting. So join with us in prayer that everyone has a great harvest and we have open doors to bring the gospel and form relationships.

We are now in the planning stages of getting the chicken farm going, so we plan on staying busy! When the guys are done with our ceiling, there is a huge cleanup that will have to be done in our building. And I made a mistake of painting some of the walls before we decided to have that put in so now they are pretty messed up and will have to be painted again! Christian has had to stay on the guys, they are professionals but we have found that here that doesn’t always mean they do a professional job! We wanted the ceiling to be as high as possible and it started out really good. But when they started outside of the bathroom they dropped about 15 inches! It was really noticeable and they apologized and said they would do it right on the other side, which would have been worse! Luckily they were still putting supports and mesh up so they took it all down and re-did it. It has the first layer of concrete and has to dry so then the put the layer on the inside and smooth it out. Probably still have 1-2 weeks before that is all done.

One of our workers daughter died last week – the second worker that has had a child die since we’ve been here. And one had a very little one die by drowning in a hole that filled with water just before we came here. It’s a rough life here, even though they live with disease, poverty and sickness they aren’t very educated about them. They don’t realize that malaria does not go away by itself and many die because they don’t get treatment. Because of the fear of Dr’s and hospitals they don’t have their children immunized and even though they can get vitamins for free they don’t do it. It’s sad and we are trying to change that little by little by doing whatever we can by educating the ones that come to us and by taking them to Dr Nelson. He has given us a lot of help and advice. Out of all the people that were screened for cataract surgeries, there were 4 that were eligible for a procedure that could be done here at the hospital but only 2 would go. The 2 that were eligible for cataract surgery won’t go out of fear. It makes me wonder why they even came to be tested. Our driver has been sick and today he went to Jinja to the hospital for some MRI’s and tests and they came out okay but the Dr is still concerned and wants to do a scope of his throat to rule out any cancer. But Indianga just wants to take the medication the Dr gave him for inflammation and see if it goes away. This has been going on for some time now so we think he should have the scope. At least he isn’t putting all his faith in the witch doctor! He told us if he doesn’t feel better in a week he will go for the test. We are going to talk to Dr Nelson and see what he says about it. In the mean time we pray. For everyone.

Always pray for us, for patience, endurance, good health and open doors to begin relationships and witness about the joy we have found in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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I am a Jesus lover, wife, mother and grandmother. I live in Uganda with two of my best friends and get to experience God's love, grace and mercy everyday. This is my personal blog and posts, pictures and views don’t necessarily represent the views of our organization. They are from our personal experiences as missionaries.

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  1. I didn’t see it on facebook either like it usually is. Did see it on e-mail. Glad everything is progressing well. Love you all.


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