We Are Moving

We have a big building empty now since the orphanage moved out. We were going to make it housing for visiting mission teams, but I put in a request to the board to let us move into this building and use the duplex for the mission teams. Reasoning for me is, I can have a bigger kitchen to cook and prepare food for teams and company we might have, including people from the village that we would like to have over for fellowship and bible study. Also a bigger living room for the same reasons. I want mission teams to get a feel of being in a third world country but don’t want to scare them off ever coming back! With the apartments they will still have some comforts, privacy and inside bathrooms! I get more space and a place with an industrial feel which I’ve always wanted. (Well, that or an old barn!) This is the before pics, I am working on painting it, the solar guys are busy putting in plugs and lighting. When they are finished I will probably have help to finish with all the painting. We are trying to decide what we will do for a ceiling – the tin roof is nice when it rains and you can sleep, but you have to yell to be heard when there is a downpour and I think it might drive us insane! Christian has been digging for a septic tank and I am so excited to get a bathtub. Right outside of our proposed bathroom is the rainwater tanks so I will have some running water to fill the tubs. Yes, excited! And very thankful to the board for allowing us to make this move next door!

(The above picture is the backside of the building)

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I am a Jesus lover, wife, mother and grandmother. I live in Uganda with two of my best friends and get to experience God's love, grace and mercy everyday. This is my personal blog and posts, pictures and views don’t necessarily represent the views of our organization. They are from our personal experiences as missionaries.

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