I’m Back

Sorry I have been absent for so long. So busy, and so exhausted! I was sick with a head cold and exhaustion over Thanksgiving, I cooked Turkey for 11 people but didn’t get to go to the dinner because that wore me out. Three days after that our friends came and I enjoyed their visit, it was more talking and fellowship than actually doing, and I was still trying to gain my energy back. We were so excited over the boxes that came with supplies for ministry, work, and just things that spoil us! We got many, many dolls that were handmade with love by ladies in our church back home – with a special one just for the girl, the “Raelee” doll. Now I have the task of who, when, where, and how to give them all out! It will be exciting.

We got to talk and make plans for the new year coming. So many exciting projects at first can be overwhelming but we know how much these things will help our community and communities around us. This week Christian has a crew at our Canadian friends’ school finishing out three of their class buildings. They didn’t get home until after 7 pm last night so I told him not to kill them! He said it was them that wanted to finish the room they started. Everyone here in the village are very proud of the guys learning the new skill of plastering, we are very proud of them and pray that as they get more experience and exposure it will lead for more consistent employment elsewhere. Then we will have the task of teaching them to set goals and save toward them.

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I am a Jesus lover, wife, mother and grandmother. I live in Uganda with two of my best friends and get to experience God's love, grace and mercy everyday. This is my personal blog and posts, pictures and views don’t necessarily represent the views of our organization. They are from our personal experiences as missionaries.

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